Feelin’ like a sh*!t?

Welcome to  RawFoodPhoto – A photo gallery of super-duper Raw Food Diet!

I first learned about this diet about 4-5  years ago and since then I have been eating mostly Raw. As they say, you are what you eat,  but unfortunately, most people will not truly understand that, unless they experienced some form of body detox and truly healthy diet.

Food can affect us; it can make us feel or even think differently to what we used to. Think of a lemon, don’t you want to smile? Think of a chilli, don’t you want to gasp for air? Do you panic when you fell the hot kick?  It works quite similar to those stronger, famous for their properties plants, such as melissa, coffee or  marijuana. The chemicals in those plants undoubtably affect our body and mind.  And different plants have different chemicals, but theyall have the chemical compounds that can all affect us.

So what happen when our guts are full of sh*!t (literally)? We quite often feel like sh*!t, don’t we? It’s that simple.

Get to know the Raw Food Diet. Educate yourself. Change your diet. You don’t even have to be 100% raw. Do whatever suits you. Your gut will tell you what’s right. Stop feeling like a sh*!t and start living your life.

Happy living


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